Unexciting keeper options - need help!

12 teams. Standard scoring. Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1Flex, K, DST.
Keep 2 and it cannot be two players of the same position.

Last season didn’t go too well. Here are the options, none of them overly exciting IMO. Again I can only keep one of these WRs:

Golladay costs a 3rd (1-4th selection in the third).
Gallup costs an 8th.
Devante Parker costs a 13th.
Terry McLaurin costs a 10th.
Josh Allen for a 14th.

I think Josh Allen is a no brainer for basically free.

Golladay I have confidence in as a WR1 but I’m essentially giving up a pick right around where he’d be drafted anyway. If I don’t keep him I’m looking at someone like Cooper, AJ Brown if he’s not kept, Odell, Thielen or Moore. The plan is to go RB RB in rounds 1 and 2.

McLaurin, Parker and Gallup I see as low 2-high 3 range and being drafted in rounds 4 or 5. Obviously way better value given what they’d cost me to keep. I just don’t like McLaurin and Parker’s offences and Gallup is option 3 on his team, maybe 4 if Dak wants to run around.


I would definitely take the insane value here and keep Josh Allen like you said and either Parker or McLaurin. My preference would probably be McLaurin but you’re getting both of them for well above their worth so it’s whoever you feel better about.

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Thanks for the input. I’ll have to have another look. If I was assured Fitz starting all year I think I’d go Parker easily, but if/when Tui goes in it might suck, like when Haskins went in for Keenum :frowning:

I think you have to keep McLaurin. I don’t like Haskins, but even if he finishes exactly the same as last year he is way better than a 10th and most experts have him pegged as a breakout.

Parker represents the next value for me, but if he doesn’t inspire confidence, I can’t really disagree. He will probably start strong and you may well be able to trade him high after a few weeks if you’re worried about Tua.

I disagree about gallup - He had 1100 yards as a 2nd year which is super good, and I think he is the second target above rookie Lamb, Jarwin, and Zeke easily.

I would consider keeping Kenny unless you prefer a guy like Cooper or Moore and are willing to reach in the third, which is fair. I feel like value is not linear and getting a guy who you feel helps your team weekly is a bigger deal than round value. that’s why Allen is less of a no-brainer for me because who high above the later QBs is he? Personally I do really like him though so wouldn’t blame you for keeping Allen.

For my money, it 100% has to be Terry and I would lean Parker for the second one because you could probably trade him for another 5th-7th round player that you like better preseason even if you don’t like Parker himself

Even if you don’t like Terry, plenty people love him and you could easily flip him for a 5th/6th round pick IMO.

Just my thoughts. Hope they help

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately I can only keep one of the WRs per league rules. So it’s gotta be Allen and one of those guys. Miami has a pretty tough schedule this season through the first half of the season. I am leaning either Kenny or McLaurin… gonna have to bust my brain a little more though haha.