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Unique Draft Order Strategy Question


Our #footclan league uses a very unique system to determine draft order. We basically have a pre-draft draft which is pretty intense, super fun, and like nothing I’ve ever encountered. Here are my pick spots for the first 7 rounds:


Clearly I’m at a disadvantage in the first 3 rounds and then get much stronger. I’m trying to think of how best to approach this. I’m thinking of going WR/WR and then seeing what’s left at 3.10. I could see me going 3 WRs in this case and taking RBs in rounds 4-7. Scoring is 12-team .5ppr, espn standard roster with 1 keeper (it’s our first year, so there are no current keepers but there will be next year). Any first thoughts on how you see this shaking out?


If you look at ADP, or the Ballers rankings, you’ll see that great wide receivers will fall for your 3-7 rounds. I would take best available RB’s with your first two picks, which could be anywhere from LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray, Devonta Freeman, Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon to name a few. Then just load up on wide receivers later.

That’s just how I would look at it.


Yeah, the more I look at it I could end up with one or two of those guys or Ajayi at the spot I’m at and then end up with guys like Jarvis Landry, Golden Tate, and then add Martavis Bryants and the like.


I would shoot for at least 1 rb in your first two picks


Thanks for the suggestions! Draft is complete, my roster follows if you’re interested. I wound up intending to get Shady and Freeman in the first round, but Shady went one spot before my 1.6 and Freeman one spot before my 1.9 which completely flipped my initial strategy on its head and wound up going wr/wr. I’m pretty thrilled with the results, though.

QB Tom Brady
RB Leonard Fournette
RB Mark Ingram
WR Julio Jones
WR A.J. Green
TE Eric Ebron
FLEX Danny Woodhead
Bench Theo Riddick
Bench Alvin Kamara
Bench DeAndre Washington
Bench Rishard Matthews
Bench Tyler Lockett
Bench Chris Thompson