Unique Dynasty Bylaws

I’m starting up a Dynasty league this year and was just wondering what some of your guys favorite bylaws are in your league. Just looking for something unique or cool that most people wouldn’t think of right off the back to incorporate into a start up league.

We punch the loser of the league in face.

Not really, just wanted to say the first crazy thought that came to my mind. Lol

Well I’m in a 9 keeper league, not really dynasty but close. If a player drafted in in top 9 rounds only costs 1 round to keep, drafted 10th or later costs 2 rounds from previous year.

Since it’s dynasty and teams are deeper we have an extra wr spot and two flex’s (with tes)

Our next year draft rankings are done with a lottery style. A lot like the nba. (Adds another fun day to the off season)

Gotta have 1-2 IR spots

Ummm I’m sure there’s more we do I’m forgetting