Unique dynasty league startup

Started a new “Vampire” league

My team has been designated Vampire and cannot participate in the startup draft (Dynasty league), or make any trades.

Vampire can only use free agents, but, if the Vampire manages to beat another team then it acquires one of the players from their opponents starting line up. Growing stronger by making others weaker.

Super flex, 10 team league.

Happy to work out rules once league is full but currently thinking that each week a certain position is up for grabs (e.g. week 1 QB, week 2 RB etc.) and that Vamp can’t partake in waivers, only free agents.

Once vampire team wins, the league ends.

Let me know your email if interested and will send on an invite

That sounds like fun! I would be down! Shoot me an email! Kalsum@me.com
Where did you get that idea? Pretty cool!

Invite sent!

Tom Kislingbury (@tomdegenerate) posted it on Twitter, thought it sounded good

We played something similar called a pirate league. The way to keep it balanced though was you had to trade starter for starter. So if you had Charles Clay and the other guy had Gronk in your starting lineups, you would swap them. Where it really got strategic is people would pick up a scrub in the Monday night game and if they had a sizable lead they would swap out that player at the last second. Think Tyreek Hill getting swapped for Albert Wilson last year and then snagging a guy like Hopkins off the loser’s roster.

Made it fun when two heavyweights went head to head, sometimes no pirating would occur. And if there was ever an upset victory, that one pirated player could turn the whole season around and lead to more players.

That’s a very cool idea too. Takes out the person having to be vampire. Although tbh i’m looking forward to it

Update - league now full