Unique League Prizes

Anyone else here do any unique things for their league with regards to prize payouts. Here is what I do for mine:

12 team league. League dues are $80 a person.

1st place: $500 + they get $110 towards some sort of memorabilia of their league voted playoff mvp + They get the championship belt for a year
2nd place: $220
3rd place: $160
1st (reg): $80

Last place (reg): Fantasy Football Loser Licence Plate to have on their vehicle between end of fantasy season to the date of the following year draft.

The winner last season got a signed Bell Jersey from Pristine Auction

The $110 and belt shipping costs are fronted by me as the commish and is divided among the 11 losers and put into their following year fees.

We also do a super bowl props bet where the top two in that get half of their $80 fees paid for by the rest of the participants in the props bet.


14 team league, $125 a person buy in.
All transactions during the year are $5 a transaction.

Payouts are as follows(minus the amount for the bonus week payouts)
1st - 60% and the league trophy
2nd - 20$
3rd and 4th - 5%
Overall regular season point leader - 10%

Bonus weeks:
Weeks 1-10, team with the highest points for the week wins $25 each week.
Weeks 11-13, team with the highest points for the week wins $100 each week.

Top 6 teams make the playoffs. Remaining teams that don’t make it in pony up $10 for the toilet bowl. Winner of the toilet bowl wins the pot and the toilet bowl trophy.

We like to have the bonus weeks as it not only is fun to win money during the year, but we are a very competitive league and want active owners. With the bonus weeks, owners will still try to compete and set up a lineup even if they are out of playoff contention. Nothing worse than a team sneaking into the playoffs over someone else just cause the last place team doesn’t care about setting a lineup week 13. Also, helps encourage owners to spend more on transactions throughout the year if they have already won a bonus week or two.

Last year 1st place won around $1200 and 2nd won around $400.