Unique League Rules?

What are some different / weird / fun rules that you have heard other leagues use that you’ve never been able to convince your league to implement?

My leagues have some of those rules, I’ve tried to get my friends in other leagues to adapt them.

All leagues -
Slow Auction Draft. This is for very serious leagues only. In a ten team league, each team nominates 3 players to be on draft board on day 1 (from there on, there are always 30 players on draft board). To get a player on your team, you have to hold the highest bid for 24 hours. Once a player is won and removed from the board, the next player in the “draft order” nominates a player to be added. Start this type of draft early - mid August, as it can take 10-15 days to finish.

Standard leagues -
SCRAP THE KICKER! Start 2 D/ST instead. This changes everything. The kicker position is too unpredictable and dependent on situation. Do this for a year or two and you will find yourself cringing when someone asks you to look at their lineup and you see kickers in there. This works best in 10-12 teams leagues.

Add a Superflex (Q/W/R/T). Too much talent in the QB position for only 10-12 of them starting each week. Adding this flex position limits streaming for bye weeks. It drives me nuts when I hear of friends picking up Rivers or Dalton off waivers in week 6 or 7. These guys are good. Draft em, play em.

Customize the scoring of IDP players so they score comparably to offensive players.

Have two separate drafts - an offensive draft and a defensive draft

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@Mr_ButterFace - if you’re looking for a league with some of these rules applied, I’m starting a league for experienced players with little to no IDP experience.

We still have some spots if you’re interested.