Unique scoring format

My friends and I are experimenting on a unique scoring system this year and want to see what you guys think.

Each week you get a win if you win your head to head matchup (get a loss if you lose) but you also get a win if your team scores in the top 5 highest point totals for the week, and a loss for bottom 5.

The reason behind it is the main goal for fantasy football is to score points. Let’s say you put up 135 points, good for second highest point total of the week, but you went up against someone who got 140. You get your loss but you get some credit for putting up points.

And the adverse, your team stinks, you put up 90 points. But the guy you went against got 80. You get your head to head win but you receive a loss for bottom 5 since your team stunk.

my maint argument for it is imagine each situation above happens EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You essentially could go 0-13 even though you scored second highest points each week. And vice versa, you could go 13-0 scoring 90 points a game. This rule negates those situations.