Unpopular opinion: It's fun being the AB owner

Sarcasm aside does anyone have a take on the YouTube video that came from Brown’s YouTube channel.

At first I took it as a teaser trailer. That this was over and let’s play football. But then I felt a lot more like there’s a lot to read between the lines and this is still a call out. This is a declaration of war.

I went ahead and benched him. I’ll deal with this later. (I’m just a fantasy coach…imagine how his real coaches gotta be feeling)

I saw the video with gruden phone call. As an AB owner, Id rather the raiders cut his ass. I wouldn’t mind at all. I would rather move on from him asap and start rebuilding my team

Yeah. I have him in a deep bench dynasty league so ouch. This is gonna take some major repair.

I was going to do a risk play to trade for him on the cheap in my redraft but that was ahead of today. I won’t touch him at all now.

I don’t think it’s crazy any longer that they fire him on personal conduct and save the $30 mil and move on.

Imagine Oakland using this to pick up Gordon…