Unsolicited offer for Amari

Curious to hear some thoughts…
Got an offer of JGordon, Jordan Reed and Sony Michel for Amari.

Gordon would replace Amari, Reed would slide into the starting lineup over current TE OJ Howard, and Sony would be a potential long term flex (I don’t think he plays week 1) over John Brown (who I like) / Desean. He’d also be a bye week or injury filler for my primary RBs, Royce and Shady.

Appreciate any insight. I think I may be selling Amari too low given his ceiling…thoughts?

Really depends on who you would have to drop to make the trade. I suppose you would just drop howard.
I really dont like the trade though. To much of a risk with gordon being good or not and jordan reed will eventually go out due to injury. If its a deeper league maybe but if its a 10 man i would would probably keep cooper.

Thanks! Appreciate it.

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I mean… Cooper has been in the league for a few years and has consistently looked like garbage… so you could easily say that him being a risk is at least as likely as a much much more talented player in a worse fantasy situation lol…

That being said I never have 2 guys id be willing to drop from my bench before week 1… drafting potential bye week fillers who youre hoping score maybe 10 points is where most people lose in the draft… i hit on Hunt in all my leagues last year by reaching on him in the 11th or so and did the same with Conner this year… my bench is loaded with players who are either league winners or week 4-6 drops if they dont pan out by the byes.

So I wouldnt do the trade because either Gordon or Cooper could be hit/miss… but youd be dropping other guys you believed in enough to draft

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I like Amari to have a bounce back year, but…there’s a lot on the table here.

Amari does come with some risk, because of past performance.

And all three of those guys you’d be gettin have some risk, too, but they also have major boom potential.

The inclusion of Sony tips it for me.

Do it.

How anyone could covet Amari enough to give those three guys to you is beyond me.

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You and I have not been watching the same football, apparently. He looked bad last year when he was hurt and his QB had a broken back. The other two years in the league he looked like a future superstar.

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I’m hanging on to Cooper here.

It’s not a bad offer, but I would pass. I’d take my chances with Amari. Simply cause you’d have to drop two people as well. I hate trades that force me to drop someone.

As a reference, since this is a 14 man league which starts 3 wr 2 rb 2 flex, our benches are all pretty thin. I would have to cut 2 players, 1 of which would be Matt Ryan (I start Cam but was keeping Ryan around given 7/11 first games are inside the dome) and the other being Jaylen Samuels, so all that to say, I’m not attributing any credit to valuing roster spots here.