Unsure of my team after draft! Thoughts? Concerns? Advice?

12 Team PPR 10th Pick. Went RB heavy but i’m concerned that I do not have enough depth at WR, as well as too much risk with not enough floor. Would appreciate any thoughts or concerns or advice.

1.10 - Kareem Hunt
2.3 - Melvin Gordon
3.10 - Joe Mixon
4.3 - Doug Baldwin
5.10 - Jarvis Landry
6.3 - Dion Lewis
7.10 - Kerryon Johnson
8.3 - Sterling Shepard
9.10 - Kenny Stills
10.3 - Phillip Rivers
11.10 Donte Moncreief
12.3 - George Kittle
13.10 - Marlon Mack
14.3 - DJ Moore

I would be happy with that team, you do have a stable of backs so you will have some leverage in trades with teams that don’t have running depth. I think you hang on to your team for a few weeks then with said team get the injury bug you can upgrade your WR. Maybe by that time Kerryon will be fantasy relevant.

Thanks for the advice. I got kinda worried when I realized RB would be in my flex most of the time in a PPR league. Although Mixon does have pass catching ability.

Injuries will happen having RB depth is great, because you will need it or better yet a hungry rival will over pay for it when they dont have any options.

Honestly, this is kinda brutal in PPR. Amazing stable of RB’s though! You probably should trade Hunt or Gordon for a legit WR1. That’ what I would do anyways. You need a BEAST at WR to be competitive in full PPR. At least that’s been my experience. I like to start a WR in the flex as well because in general, their point totals beat most running backs in this format. Good Luck!!

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good read… I have never play full PPR… nice to hear that perspective.

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Dion Lewis and Kerryon are great picks and I am actually starting Dion in a Full PPR league I’m in as my RB2 because I went so heavy on WR’s early.

Here’s my squad:

Thielan Moore Lucky

  1. (3) Antonio Brown (Pit - WR)
  2. (23) Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR)
  3. (43) Marshawn Lynch (Oak - RB)
  4. (58) Rashaad Penny (Sea - RB)
  5. (78) D.J. Moore (Car - WR)
  6. (79) Nick Chubb (Cle - RB)
  7. (83) Tyler Lockett (Sea - WR)
  8. (87) Adam Thielen  (Min - WR)
  9. (98) Jerick McKinnon  (SF - RB)
  10. (103) Nelson Agholor (Phi - WR)
  11. (110) Andrew Luck  (Ind - QB)
  12. (123) Kenny Stills (Mia - WR)
  13. (138) New Orleans (NO - DEF)
  14. (143) Jordan Wilkins (Ind - RB)
  15. (154) Kirk Cousins (Min - QB)
  16. (158) Jared Cook (Oak - TE)
  17. (163) Dede Westbrook (Jax - WR)
  18. (178) Javorius Allen (Bal - RB)

Mckinnon, Luck and Thielen are keepers