Unusual scoring

So I joined this 12 team 2QB PPR league, but upon reviewing the scoring I noticed something a little strange which has me puzzled with what to do with my 9th overall pick in the draft.

Receiving yards is 20yds/point as opposed to normal rushing & receiving both being 10yds/point… This has me in a rough spot over this 9th pick, because this makes bell cow RBs more valuable over pretty much almost all WRs at the beginning of this draft, am I right?!?

Wondering if I should just load up on Mixon/Bell(even though i don’t love him with Gase or the jets)/Dalvin/Connor/Damian williams with those first two picks and get WR value later on… let me know your thoughts guys thanks!

I would definitely target rbs early. I think that kind of kills the receiver position and would agree that bell cow rbs become more valuable, even though they are generally the most valuable to start with