Up 40 Against Dalvin... Bench Vikes Defense?

I am up 40 in a must win game. My opponent has Dalvin & I have Vikes D. Would you sit them? I don’t know what is more risky lol… Playing or sitting the D. I don’t want to get negative pts

Up 13 against against Dalvin - unless he gets put in COVID protocols I’m screwed :frowning:

To your question, Vikings D is horrific. Not sure why you have them in the first place, but yeah I would sit them…lol

There is a chance you are good. Who knows! lol

I am streaming Defenses. Mainly bc its Chicago and they have been a great matchup. But Vikes D have actually been good since the Bye. Look at what they did against the Packers.

I would play the defense. Not sure how your league is for defense. But in my main league Minnesota only had one negative week and that was week 1 (-3.00). In that game, GB scored 41 points. The Bears have one game of 30 pts this year. If you sit the D and Cook has 41 points, you will hate yourself. If you play them and they have -3 again, then Cook still needs to get 37 points.

This was how I was thinking about it as well. Which way will I be able to forgive myself more LOL. Actually, in my league week one they had a -9 performance against Green Bay. There is a -6 penalty for 500 or more yards. The fear of this had me leaning more towards sitting my defense. Although, I don’t see Chicago being able to do this