Up 60.. Rojo for the glory play?

Have Wentz and Saquan start me off with a 60 pt lead. This is against my arch rival so I want to give him a titty twister.

Glory play to start Rojo over Alex Collins?

Thoughts ?

I wouldn’t do it. I have made this mistake in the past where I thought I had a sure thing and it came back to bite me in the ass. Now once I have them down, I put my foot on their throat and go for the finish. lol

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I mean Collins is the safe floor play for sure, but I really want to deploy Rojo for the possible ceiling play and maybe get high score for the week… comes with a cash prize.

I understand, I picked up Rojo myself, but just as a “wait and see” candidate. He will not be leaving my bench for a week or two, just so I can see what I actually have with him. Thus far, he has been anything but impressive.

It’s not the running backs. It’s the O line and I think if there were a week to deploy him it’s now vs ATL who has surrendered 50 receptions to RBS (10 average a week) plus Vegas highest point total of 57. My mind was made up to go for the gusto but posting to see if anyone can change it !

Now I’m invested…how did it work out for you?

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Oh I pivoted to Lativius Murray Sunday after hearing the news. Put up 160 total pts. Good week.

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