UPDATE FILLED Free Dynasty League—Looking for people interested in building community

Hiya friends,

Lots of great leagues starting up here— and lots of expensive buy-ins. Wanted to start a dynasty league that is free for anyone interested in participating in a dynasty without the expensive buy-in each year. I imagine this league will be a community of people with a shared interest, would love zoom drafts, daily competitions, weekly newsletters, etc.

Please only join if you are committed to this. Times are hard, and dynasty leagues should not be only for people who can afford it! :slight_smile:


I’m interested in joining up! leviolivieri11 sleeper Id

Looks perfect for me and my son to join. I have been playing redraft since 1995 and he has since 2008. Been wanting to try out dynasty, but not ready to put $50+ into it yet until we get the hang of it.

Hi there, I’m interested in playing! Are we looking at using Sleeper? If so, my username is 33jacob :smile:

Hey! Definitely interested! My name on sleeper is @codymarble21

Thanks! Great idea, look forward to hearing from you.

Got 2 that are interested.