Update: unable to make trade, drop Jones (now way behind, who to drop?

So… earlier I asked if I should drop Conner, Lindsay, or Jones so I can replace Burton on bye, and with great advice I decided that I would drop Jones Jr. on Saturday (to freeze him until Tuesday waiver claims). Well, tonight my team went up against Edelman, Ghostkowski and (graon) Ebron, and I am now down 53 pts and other team still has Watson, Green, Ridley, Gurley, Freeman and LAR still to play. I am projected to lose 154 to 126 and fall to

So… given the long odds in front of me, should I still battlefight and drop Jones and add a TE? Should I keep Jones Jr., drop my DST (TEN) and take the zero there and add the TE? Or should I sit tight and take the zero on my TE position and keep TEN (stream DSTs anyway) and Jones Jr?

Its been a weird season… for the first time I dropped a player (Hogan, on another team) at half time and added Chubb.

Appreciate all advice.

what te’s can you add? assuming there is at least a crummy option, i would probably drop chubb rather than anybody else you’ve mentioned. you aren’t really in a horrendous hole here or anything. sure, ebron went off, but edelman and gost didn’t do anything special. what TE options do you have?

Chubb is on my other team. The one I am in trouble with, Jones Jr is my “worst player”. Available TEs: Hooper, Seals-Jones, Watson, Kroft, Thomas, Vannett, Goeddert, and Swaim. My DST is TEN. Hopefully this help determine possible points playing without TE or DST. Or if I should proceed as planned, drop Jones Jr, and add a TE. Thanks for the advice!

Also, the other team has still to play: Desean Watson, Gurley, freeman, Green, Ridley, and LAR. My team: Goff, Barkley, Gordon, JuJu, Cooks, Conner (flex), Butker and TEN.

You’re still in a good place to fight back. You’ve got some great players yourself that have upside potential. I would pick-up Seals-Jones for sure out of those though. He has high upside with Rosen starting to look better.

So, stay the course, drop Jones Jr, pick up TE (eg RSJ) and battlefight?

btw, my bench (5 player bench): Sanders, Jones Jr, Mixon, Michel, and Lindsay. Though Jones Jr would go away and Burton would be therewhile on bye.

Hate dropping Jones Jr if no chance, but I don’t like to quit.

Oh no… you didn’t start Sony Michel, that must sting, he played well tonight. But then you look at it and you still have studs like Gordon and Barkley so you might be okay.

I would say dont worry as much, you have a solid starting line up for sure. I would continue with your plan, drop Jones Jr. and pick up someone like RSJ who can maybe give you a few extra points. Better to have some points than none!

Because you have JuJu and Cooks, with Sanders as an okay backup, you’re fine for this week. I would even say you could package your RBs to pick up another stud WR since you’re quite stacked there

Thanks, will fight on. One challenge… owners in my league are so risk averse that they don’t trade. No trades last year at all, and only three the year before (two involved me). I tried making trades all week knowing I needed to cover Burton’s bye week. Even offered the Bell owner Conner for Rudolph (his only RBs are Dion Lewis and Chris Carson. never responded to the offer.

Since there is a short bench there are lots of WRs available: Cole, Godwin, Westbrook, Desean Jackson Stills, Callaway are the most noteworthy. So if Jones get grabbed on waiver claims Tuesday night, I can add something playable.

I am in a very similar situation with you.

No one would trade for the first 4 weeks this season, and even last year there were barely any. However I managed to get two trades in back to back yesterday finally.

And now I’m also shopping for a WR3 and looking to pick up either Cole or Callaway from waivers too

I didn’t start Michel, as I am starting Barkley, Gordon and Conner. Next week I may have an even bigger decision… Mixon should be back, and in a plus matchup vs KC.

I did start Michel on my other team (also has Gordon and JuJu, Fournette, Yeldon and Hyde (why I added Chubb today).