UPDATE: Would you trade.... Saquon for Fournette OR Marlon Mack?

I’m 1-2 so far… PPR League. I need a RB bad. My current RBs are now David Montgomery, Chris Thompson, Frank Gore, and Saquon. I only start two RBs as I’m heavy in the WR department.

At 1-2 and playing a tough opponent this week, I don’t think I have the chance to sit Saquon on the bench for the next month or two.

I have the same offer except mine is Saquon for Fournette, Carson, or Jacobs. Interested to hear what people say

From a random google search… I reviewed about 5 different sites on the “rest of season” rankings for RBs. Mack was the stronger pick on 4 sites and Fournette stronger on 1.

In your scenario, I feel like I’d take Fournette over Carson and Jacobs. Definitely over Jacobs (for me). Carson may be a toss up but I’d still go LF. Believe he got 100% snaps last week so volume will be there. He just needs to find the end zone.

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