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Updated Rate My Team


Hey guys, I just got done updating my team that I posted about a while back and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. Just go ahead and comment down a grade for it as well as what you think I should change. Thanks!

QB: Andrew Luck
HB: Jay Ajayi
HB: Mike Gillislee
WR: Doug Baldwin
WR: T.Y. Hilton
TE: Jordan Reed
WR: Dez Bryant
D/ST: Chiefs
K: Caleb Sturgis
WR: Corey Davis
WR: Kenny Stills
WR: Mike Wallace
TE: Jack Doyle
QB: Andy Dalton
RB: Samaje Perine
RB: Robert Kelley

P.S. This is my first year playing btw. I’m trying to build the team more around late 1st rounders and early 2nd rounders rather than just having one big star and a bunch of crappy players at the other posistions


BTW I also have been considering a different backup QB as well as a different Kicker


Starters are solid- bench is thin. I’d focus less on QB and ALOT more on RB. Your shallow and not diversified. Starters B+
Depth D
Drop Doyle if you must. You can stream tE on bye week


Yeah, starters are good but there’s no depth. You basically have one backup RB. While Dalton is an excellent backup QB, he’s a lower priority to your team than other positions.


I actually like Doyle with Reed’s injury history. I might hope for Reed to have a hot start and look to trade him.