UPDATED TRADE Im on the fence about this trade, need input. Standard 12 man league

I’ve been offered Julio, Kelvin, and Derrick Henry instead of Adrian Peterson and I give up LeSean McCoy, Garcon, and Mixon.

Standard or PPR? If it’s PPR I wouldn’t make the trade because Mixon and Garcon are better than Peterson and Kelvin in that league format

I wouldn’t because your giving up two potential starting running backs and a player in Garcon that get’s a lot of targets for Julio and pretty much nothing else.

It’s a Standard 12 man league. My starting WR at the moment are Cooks and Pryor and my other running backs on the team are Buck Allen, Semaje, Bilal Powell, and Foreman.

I wouldnt give up on shady and mixon personally. I guess it depends your depth at rb and how desperate you are for a WR
Peterson is also a droppable player. He will likely end up on waivers soon enough. Dont take the bait

He just asked if I wanted Derrick Henry instead of Peterson. Which would most likely make my starting lineup be Wilson, Buck Allen, Derrick Henry, Cooks, Julio, Pryor or Kelvin at the flex and then Bilal Powell, Foreman, and Perine on the bench. Does his counter change anything or are Mixon, and shady still too valuable?