Updated Trade Offer - Non PPR

I Give: N. Chubb + C. Samuel
I get: J. Jones + K. Johnson

He is trying to get Lockett instead but I want to hold onto Locket.

My Team After Trade:

QB - Dak / Stafford
RB - S. Barkley / L. Fournette / M. Gordon / K. Johnson / W. Gallman
WR - J. Jones / C. Kupp / T. Lockett / A. Tate
TE - D. Waller

I think that trade is good for you. I don’t think I’d do that if I was the Jones owner though.

Yeah I don’t have high hopes on him accepting it. But worth a shot.

@Forty9Giants I would do this trade if you can instead of the original offer.

The Patriots haven’t trailed all season and Michel hasn’t been producing yet, so I wouldn’t try to trade for him.

@Forty9Giants and regarding Beckham, I’m not sure yet about him. He is obviously really talented, but I’m just not sure about their offense yet. Maybe they’re starting to click, but we will see. He is injury prone too.