Upgrade 1-4

So im in trouble at 1-4 full PPR. I got lucky and the cook owner is desperate for mattison. Right now I’m looking at Josh Allen and Tyler boyd on their team.

My offer is mattison chark and mixon

Boyd and Allen

This upgrades WR and QB plus leaves me with an open add on the wire thoughts?

What is on waivers? You definitely need qb and wr help. You’d be a bit light at rb but if you can get a solid option that can fill a bye or injury you can cope.

But I feel like it’s selling a bit low on both Mixon and chark. It’s not often that the team trading a good quality rb gives up most depth in a trade especially as the trading partner is likely in a fix at rb the week of the trade. You can very likely play harder ball here.

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JD Mckissik is on the wire Fulgham as well. Qbs are thin best on the wire is Goff.

Taylor and Sanders still seem reliable enough as my RB1 and 2 surely they are TD dependent but the floor on yardage isn’t terrible for both.