Upgrade at TE, fair price?

Hey guys,

I wanna upgrade my TE Position in standard format by trading for Zach Ertz.
The other owner demands Chubb and Burton.
Is the price too high??
I think I’m pretty good set at Running Back with M. Gordon, D. Johnson, A. Jones and D. Cook…

You’re stacked at RB. Use your depth to improve your team. Make the trade.

Still a good deal? :scream:

I asked the same question- same exact deal I’m offering for Ertz.
My RBs are Zeke, DJ, Kerryon and Jordan Howard.

I like your RBs better than mine and I would def make the move if I were you.

I think it’s a fair ask but it does seem like an overpay.

You’re buying Ertz at the worst time. He’s never been a buy low this season, but he’s definitely a buy high now coming off what will almost certainly be his best game of the year. Gronk and maybe even Kelce should be just as good for the playoffs and might be cheaper right now.