Upgrade flex from WR to RB?

So I just traded Yeldon and C Ridley for JuJu. Leaves me Zeke, Ingram, Thielen and Davantae. Should I look to turn JuJu into a mid range RB2? I have Lamar Miller, Tevin and Tyler Boyd on bench (waiver claims on Sanu and Geronimo).

If it’s any kind of PPR i think you’re good with JuJu. Standard, i’d see what you can get sure but JuJu has pretty safe volume and a floor each week in any format and major upside if AB is bottled up and becomes Big Ben’s go to in any given game.

See what you can get and go from there but i wouldn’t have any issue flexing JuJu based on your team IMO

Thanks man! Just a bit worried about RB depth but if Lamar Miller can do what I drafted him to do or D Freeman goes down again having Tevin is solid.

Also, what are your thoughts on the initial trade? Also had the same package for Kupp available.

I get the depth worries but Zeke and Ingram have proven durability and aside from bye weeks they wont be out of your line up. I would say on Miller, if he has a miracle and puts up some points i’d shop him but for now i think you are okay with two locked in studs and also 2 stud WRs you’re in good shape!

I like the trade, good sell high on Yeldon and Ridley was the right move for sure. Yeldon will time expire at some stage and Ridley has been super efficient but volume is lower than Sanu who will be fine and a very good play this week if you get him and felt inclined

I have a waiver claim in on Bears D and Sanu. I put priority on Bears as I feel Sanu adds depth while Bears adds instant upgrade.

Like the Bears D would be a good pick up but just be aware they have the Pats in week 7 (with all their weapons now) and then week 11 the Vikes, week 14 Rams and week 15 Packers so there are a few games - certainly weeks 14 and 15 which i assume one would be a playoff matchup to be avoided but otherwise they are a fine play every week

Do you think I should continue streaming defenses and switch priority to #1 Sanu #2 Bears?

If there are better matchup play deftness’s available then yes. You could probably get both as I’m sure the Bears will be a hot pickup as well epically playing the Dolphins this week. If you can’t get Sanu there will 100% be other WRs you can get, personally i’d prefer Allison over Sanu so if there is a solid streaming D available i’d get them in and try to get Allison and Sanu first

You have D Adams? If so, that’d be great if you got Geronimo, and even better if you got Geronimo as well as Marquez Valdes-Scantling (MVS).

MVS is basically Allison’s handcuff, or any Packers WR’s handcuff, really. And after how well he performed against Detroit, I bet he will start seeing playing time even if everyone else is healthy (although sometimes not enough to really justify being started in fantasy depending on your options). He looked really good, Rodgers was immediately meshing with him, and he just works in that WR core being basically a downfield and faster, more agile, more sure-handed version of Jimmy Graham. Dude is 6’4’'206lbs. Graham has been dropping passes with serious running room or sure thing TD’s like a fiend. I don’t think Jimmy has much more room for error left before Rodgers writes him off.

Adams/Allison/MVS is almost a guaranteed WR1 for the Packers in every single game no matter what happens (unless they all are injured somehow). It’s a lot of roster space dedicated to the Packers, but I think worth it when you’ve got a Hall of Fame QB slinging it.