Upgrade my QB situation

Hey all,

It is a 12 team full PPR auction league, where passing TDs are worth 4 points. I’m trying to set myself up to make it to the playoffs, and at 4-3, I have my work cut out for me but my team is starting to look healthy finally (critical injury issues at beginning of year).

I currently have Matt Ryan and Teddy B, however, I’m looking to upgrade as both of those guys have been inconsistent and hard to trust.

I have two trade options to the same team owner, who has agreed to either, but I am having difficulty deciding which trade. Watson is great, but his SOS for the rest of season is awful, whereas, Wentz has the best SOS for rest of season. Please help!:

  1. Matt ryan and hunter henry for Watson
  2. Hunter henry for Wentz

Here is my team:
RB: bell, henderson, gibson, ekeler, akers
WR: julio, davante adams, kupp, Higgins, alshon Jeffery
TE: Jonnu, henry, goedert