Upgrade of team...possibly moving brady?

I was thinking about upgrading my team.

My RB’s are currently very weak and I need to change something about them.

my current team consists of

QB: Tom Brady
WR: Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, Devante Parker, Cooper Kupp, Jordan Matthews, Corey Coleman
RB: Kareem Hunt, Ameer Abdullah, Tarik Cohen, Matt Forte, Derrick Henry, Jacquizz Rodgers
TE: Jimmy Graham
K: Will Lutz
DEF: Houston

Alex Smith and Sam Bradford are still on the wire and I was thinking about packaging Brady, Adbullah and Jordy and trying to get a better RB and then picking up Smith or Bradford.

Does this sound like a good deal and which RB should I go after?

My first reaction is - No, do not trade Brady

If you can start 1 RB and 3 WR’s then you don’t need to do anything. Do not over-react to last Thursday’s game. Brady easily have had 3 TD’s…the Gronk TD that was over-turned and the KC corners made 2 awesome plays on long passes to B Cooks…both would have been TD’s 9/10 times, great plays by the Chiefs. The Pats get 6 games vs. AFC East teams plus several other teams that Brady will likely shred…stick with him. I do think it is a good idea to grab one of the QB’s you mentioned as you really do need a back up.

You have good depth at WR - if D Parker or C Coleman have a good game this week you could offer one of them in exchange for a mid-tier RB

Idk… it would have to be an absolute stud RB for me to give up Jordy, not to mention Brady.