Upgrade RB Kelce trade value?

I need to upgrade my RB. I have Henry, Kelley, Moss, Mattison and Akers.

Who should I target using Kelce? It’s a PPR and 12 team league.


I always start with the teams in my league that have a need, in this case TE. Then I look at who they have on their bench. If someone I like is on their bench it tells me they don’t think as highly as I do about that player. If that is the case, I offer Kelce for player X and ad a WR2 or 3 in return. Getting a nice low end RB1 or high ceiling RB2 and a WR2 is a nice return. This works really well with the Mahomes owner.

The Mahomes owner has Swift, Brieda, Reagor, Watkins and T Smith and McKinnon on his bench (yuck). He has Drake and Taylor as his starting RB’s and Hurst as his TE.

Have to go the other route then and find someone hurting at TE who might have some RB depth.

Yeah, you’re probably right. What about going for Monty or Robinson? I could keep Kelce and offer Chark for Monty/Robinson?

You might get one for Chark but not both. If you can get Monty and Robinson for Kelce and have a decent TE backup, I would do that.

I offered up Chark and Akers for Robinson so if he does that I should have the WR depth to cover and I keep Kelce. Thank you for the advice!

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So he said no to the Chark and Akers for Robinson. He wants Chark and Kelley for Robinson. But he said he’s down for Chark for Monty straight up.

I would mash the accept button on Chark for Monty. Monty gives you consistent value at RB as long as Nagy uses him like he did last week. What do your WRs look like? Can you comfortably give up Chark?

I have AJ Brown, Slayton, Jeudy and Pittman

Oof, that might change things, especially with Brown uncertain. Generally a bone bruise is 3-4 weeks. The good thing is once the bone is fully healed, he will be a full go. You might be alright for a couple weeks since Jeudy and Pittman should see a lot of work.

Doesn’t matter now since Chark was just downgraded to out. I might have to drop Akers and pickup Davis for safe measures. Not 100% on Pittman yet. But should I still try for that trade?

If the guy is willing, I would.

Thanks. I doubt he does the trade now.