Upgrade Zeke to Chubb?

I am kinda wanting to sell Zeke and I want to upgrade him to Chubb. I have the red hot Tyler Lockett and I think Id want Mike Williams in return. He has gotten 10+ targets both game and I think has a chance to be very consistent this season. I also think Tyler Lockett is going to crash to earth soon and is going to show his Jekyll and Hyde scores. Am I paying too much attention to 2 weeks of stats or is this actually a sign to a breakout season for Mike Williams?

to summarize; trade would be me giving Zeke and Lockett for Chubb and Williams

My RB: Zeke, JTT, Tyson Williams, Michael Carter, Tony Pollard
My WR: Lockett, Cooper, Diontae, Sutton, Rondale Moore

I’d rather give up Cooper or Diontae than Lockett. The seahawks have a new offensive coordinator, so there’s a chance Lockett won’t be as up and down as last year. Also, last year Lockett was historically inconsistent, meaning he should be more consistent this year (regression to the mean) and he’s tied to a much better quaterback than Big Ben for example

I’d be ok parting with Zeke in general especially since you have Pollard. I’d worry that the Mike Williams owner is trying to sell him now before he gets hurt again, Mike Williams has a long history of injuries. But if he doesn’t end up getting hurt all year then I think he’ll be a valuable asset. So shoot your shot on that one