Upgrading QBs need help!

Was offered Matt Ryan for Crabtree. Still would have aj Landry Parker and Jordy. Would be able to replace dalton with Ryan. What do you think? Ryan avrg 35 a game in my league

guy doesn’t want Jordy and he doesn’t want Parker or Landry

What qb options are on waiver?

But you’re talking a top 10 wr for Ryan, who depending on scoring is doing about the same as Dalton.

I don’t think you can give up a WR1 for any QB, never mind Ryan. QB scoring isn’t that relevant because all QBs use the same scoring.

No qbs on waiver. It’s a very deep league. Qb scoring is very relevant because Ryan is putting up 35 a game and has a good ROS schedule and dalton only 24 a game has multiple top 5 pass defence matchups. This league is a joke. I need to start 10 off players. Would still have aj Landry Gronk ertz bell Hyde shady to play along with Goff McCown and Ryan I think would be okay. Plus Ryan would have a higher floor week in and week out

I’m not convinced. I’m assuming this is a 1QB league so you should be able to get a much better QB for a WR1. But you know your league better than I do so I can’t argue with you.

It’s literally a 32 man roster(IDP) start 10 off 10 D. Min 1Qb 1RB 3WR/TE and 5 flex so you can start like 3 or 4 qbs of you wanted… it’s the worst lol