Upgrading the QB

In my league I can play more than 1 TE. I have Gronk, Graham and Ertz. Would you be willing to trade away Ertz for a QB? Most teams in my league have been inquiring about him. I’m looking at trading him for Dak and grabbing Engram up for bye weeks? Thoughts?

If you can get Dak for Ertz and 1 more… go for it.

In my opinion Engram has way more value than Graham right now. So if you can pick up Engram and can unload Graham for someone of value then I’d say yes, go for it.

Whoops, misread your post. I thought you’d be trading Graham. Ertz makes it a little tougher since he’s been so good, but again, if you can definitely get Engram, you wouldn’t be losing a ton in terms of production.

But you definitely don’t need 3 TEs. Maybe try and move Graham and get something in return if you can.