Upside advice needed, Anderson, D.Williams

Standard scoring I had Allen, Gordon and Badgley do very little last night need advice on the upside plays. I’m up 35-0 and projected to win by 10 but it’s close and opponent has a full lineup.

So pick 2 RBs - Mixon, Cook, D.Williams or Cohen?

1 WR out of Alshon or Anderson?

Please help!

I like Williams and cook. Tough call for the wr I’d probably go Jeffery Foles likes to target him.

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Would really like to hear on Ware before the early games but I don’t think I will. Mixon gets volume but I think Williams for upside too.

Agree on WR, I just have concerns that the Texans D could get to Foles. I also have Ertz playing so would you still go Jeffery or diversify assets and play Anderson?

Ware is out

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Is there a source I’ve not seen?

Popped up on roto and yahoo -

Spencer Ware (hamstring) is out for Week 16 against the Seahawks.

This is merely a formality as Ware had already been listed as doubtful despite getting in a limited week of practice. Damien Williams will lead the backfield Sunday night in Seattle. Coming off a two-touchdown gem in Week 15, Williams will be playable as an upside RB2 in all formats. Dec 23 - 10:17 AM

Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

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Thanks just saw that. interesting that he’s still listed as doubtful on NFL and Chiefs websites.

Assuming he’s out so swapping him for Mixon, hoping for a big game!

You had Ware ahead of Mixon? Or did you mean you swapped Mixon out for Williams?

Oh no I had Mixon in the flex and I’ve just swapped Williams in, if Ware was out I think he has more upside and I trust the Chiefs offense more than the badly depleted Bengals one.

Would you make the same move out of interest or trust Mixon?

I am playing Mixon (and likely rolling Lindsay over Williams in the flex).
I know Mixon is on the lesser offence but the workload should be there - and without Boyd, maybe he gets more in the receiving game.
But it feels like a coin flip for all these guys

That makes sense and I agree it does feel like that, wouldn’t be at all suprised if they’re all back to back - as long as it’s the top 12 right lol

Anderson looking like I’ve just benched my championship winner :man_facepalming:t3: