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Upside dynasty debate! Martavis Bryant vs. Terrelle Pryor?


Dynasty trade. I give up Terrelle Pryor and Joey Bosa for Martavis Bryant and an 18 1st?? Trying to decide whose value is greater Pryor or Bryant??


Bryant’s off-field issues are going to be the risk you have to figure in if you are willing to take. The calculator I like to use doesn’t do IDP, so excluding Bosa, you are well up on the value.

You also have to figure Pryor is going from being the big fish in a small pond to being a normal sized fish in a big pond (as he’s going to be most likely the 3rd option behind Reed and Crowder).

Getting that 2018 first could be the point that you focus on, depending on what your team looks like having an extra first round pick could help you build or stash some young talent.


Basically what @mancide said, the draft pick is more interesting. Pryor is a freak who will have some huge weeks, but so is Bryant. I feel like you are exchanging high upside risky players 1 for 1, and then trading Bosa for a 1st round pick in 2018. Which I would do.


Thanks guys! I needed the outside opinions. I’m so high on Pryor since I drafted him in the late rounds of our Dynasty start up last year when nobody wanted him. I probably overvalue him because of that.


Here are a couple of things to consider in Pryor’s favor that have not yet been mentioned: 1) Ben misses a lot of time and isn’t getting any younger. Cousins is 28 and doesn’t have nearly the injury history.

  1. Ben is not the same QB away from home. You really can only Trust AB and Bell on the road, if that.