Upside tilting: Deebo or Slayton

Playing my league’s Juggernaut in the Semis this week. Most likely going to need a homerun. I think Slayton has the higher Boom potential, but he’s got two other receivers to contend with. Is Deebo’s ceiling high enough against ATL to roll him out and still knock one out of the park with Sanders back and looking healthy?

I say Slayton!!

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I prefer Deebo.

I think looking at Slayton is chasing points. Shepard or Barkley could easily be the NYG player putting up points in this game against MIA. Slayton has been boom or bust-ish so if you need ceiling - maybe he is the play.

Deebo has had a TD or 70 yards in the last 5 games. He’s a floor/consistency play.

If it were me, I’d lean Deebo over Slayton

I also have a Deebo dilemma with AJ and I’m torn between the 2

Russ (not sure if I want to start him or go with Eli or Goff)???
Deebo or AJ???
Ingram - Got me 23 last night

I’d play AJ Brown over Deebo Samuel.

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Deebo. Falcons are depleted and he is FAST!

Y’all sold me on Deebo. Now here’s the kicker. Slayton or Kenyan Drake in the Flex?? 0.5ppr

Goff has been good, I think you gotta go with him over Wilson. I am benching Hollister for Higbee because of Wilson’s play recently.

@Strohs I think you commented on the wrong post…

Prefer Slayton over Drake. But that’s not an easy call.

DJ seems ok and could be given the keys back…