Urgen Hopkins TRADE!

was wondering if you guys can help me if i should go for hopkins. and if so what should i trade to get him?

Currently I am 1-4 sadly, but my division leader is 3-2, everyone else is 2-3. so it’s not over just yet for me. full point ppr, 10 team league.

my team:
My team:
QB: Lamar Jackson
RBS: Lev Bell, Gurley, Chris Carson, David Montegomry, Singletary, penny, Ajayi
WRs: Thielen, Robert Woods, Mike Williams, DJax
TE: OJ, Mark Andrews

Hopkin’s owner team:
QB: Kyler Murry, Brees, Matt Ryan
RBs: Fournette, Ingram, Josh Jacobs, THompson, Ronald Jones
WRs: Hopkins, Sterling Sheprard, McLaurin, Ridley, MVS
TE: Kelce

Honestly I don’t think he’s going to give up Hopkins since his WR’s aren’t strong behind Hopkins. But I’m always for “shooting my shot” try Thielin and Montgomery for Hopkins. I don’t think Theilen’s going to do what he did this week very often and maybe they’ll sell low on Hopkins after this week.

Maybe see if he would take Bell+Theilen for Jacobs+Hopkins?

I would like that for you because I dont see Thielen repeating his performance often and i see Jacobs only getting better

you would prefer woods over thielen at this point?

he rejected the trade offer. Do you think i can get odell? theilen for odell or thielen and montgomery for odell?

Eh i dont know if i would even want Odell really, that offense has been absolutely terrible

you’re right. What do you think i can do to get wins lol. i didnt expect to be 1-4 right now