URGENT - Draft on Monday! Looking for someone to take over a team with 3 keepers

Hey everyone!

We have one team left that needs to be taken over in a keeper league. It’s a $100 buy-in and you keep 3 players but have the option to keep up to 5 if you want. Half point PPR. Good prizes and competitive!

If you’re interested, please email me at alex.knight.2207@gmail.com and I’ll get you details. Thanks!

Email sent

Just to second this, this is a great league to join. I actually joined in a similar situation last year and it’s a great, competitive league with active members. Can’t recommend this league enough :slight_smile:

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What platform is league on? My sleeper I’d is fantasyginger

Garrettharris12 on sleeper

Hey! That league was full but we need a couple of people for a best ball league ASAP. $25 buy in. Let me know if you’re interested.