URGENT! draft tonight. #7 pick :( (WHIR)

I cant decide who to choose in the first round at pick 7 12 man full PPR>

I want atleast 1 rb in the first 2 rounds

DO i go with, Kelce, aaron jones, or adams?

Maybe barkley? but he is a risk.

I think I would go Jones if you’re wanting to lead with a good RB. Wouldn’t begrudge the early kelce pick, but RB picks will be lesser when the pick comes back around.

Don’t take a TE early, you’ll just bump down every one of your other starting positions one round. Jones would be the sweet pick if he falls to you (assuming Henry and Zeke and the other top 5 are gone), but I would probly consider either Barkley or Hill if the top 6 RBs fall in order.

yea i did some mocks with kelce pick, and i didnt like the teams much. If AJ drops to me in the 7th, i think he would be the pick or adams will be my backup.

Barkley is too risky for me. damn im not liking the mid round picks