Urgent Dynasty trade help

My squad is
Brees tannerhill

Zeke,miles sanders, Ronald Jones,kerryon Johnson, Yeldon, hines

Aj brown, thielan, landry, Fitzgerald, Perriman, trequan smith, gage, robinson, keesean Johnson

Higbee,eiffert, Ian Thomas

Would you trade 9th pick 1st round rookie draft and perriman

For Tony pollard and Gerald everett

My initial instinct is hell no but I don’t fully understand your question can you re phrase it better. Are you saying trade your 1.09 rookie pick and Perriman for Tony pollard and Everett? Tony pollard is a handcuff, which, Zeke has proven to be made of steel no barely any value there. And Everett will be second string to Higbee. So you’re giving up value in a great 1.09 rookie pick with amazing rookie talent available and you’re also giving up the WR2/3 ? I’d say hell no

I wouldn’t pay that to handcuff your running back. I would rather take a shot at the 1.09 rookie and get vaughn or a good wr prospect.

Dynasty so I’ll guess basically every rb that isn’t dead is taken? In that case I’m a bit more interested as you’d lock up cowboys rb and get a potentially te you could use

I don’t love the trade but if it falls the right way you could win it big. I’d still push for more. Your draft pick is and will remain the most valuable piece in the trade until guys play

You won’t get Vaughn at the 1.09. But you will get a talented WR. I expect all the immediate value at RB will be gone by pick 1.07. If you don’t like what’s available at the 1.09, I’d trade back.

Thanks all I have declined and going to see what I can get at 1.09