URGENT! Experienced peeps input welcome

Yoooo it’s the trade master! Just received a very interesting offer…first let’s look at my team!



Joe Mixon + Jarvis Landry for Mark Ingram + Brandin Cooks

What format, PPR? Standard?

I’d do it. Mixon and Ingram are going to be similar and cooks has been fantastic and has a higher ceiling

Good point! Full point PPR

Mixon and Ingram are not going to be similar. Mixon is going to get heavy usage. Ingram won’t get the play he got this week every week and even then if he doesn’t get the tds that not too much. They basically gave Kamara the night off since he had carried the team on his back for a month, in effect giving him a couple of weeks off with the upcoming bye.

Cooks and Landry are close to me but I like Landry’s upcoming schedule better.

This is a no for me.

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So tempting, also it’s full point PPR

Thank you for the response, i LOVE Landrys schedule! Also, Mixon full blown workhorse who i really like

Yeah this is a no-brainer decline. Don’t even entertain this offer.

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Would you rather have a guy competing with Kamara every week or have a guy where the number 2 guy is out hurt and the number 3 guy is a rookie?

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I’d prefer mixon Landry side of this one

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I declined the offer guys, thanks for all the feedback. Much appreciated!