Urgent Help! Got 3 Trade offers right now? Don't know what to do?!?!

Trade offer 1:
Got an offer for Ertz for AJ green
Trade offer 2:
Emmanuel Sanders and Jimmy Graham for Ertz
Trade Offer 3:
Devante Adams + Kittle for Sony and Ertz

what do you guys think?

My team wrs are cooper, baldwin, john brown, ridley, taylor gabriel, sutton
my RBs are: chubb, kamara, sony michele, aaron jones and ito smith
TE: ertz and engram

Full PPR im 5-3 2nd in the division

Don’t think I’d take any of these. Do you have a decent backup TE? Or what Tr does the AJ Green owner have rostered?

i do have engram on bench

I like the kittle and davante trade

AJ straight up is most tempting to me then. But I’d probably shop engram to someone with a weak TE situation first before accepting that trade.

i tried lol no one going for him

I really think the kittle davante trade would be beneficial for your team. You habe chubb kamar and jones who are suitable Rbs and your Wr needs work.

See if the guy will take Chubb rather than Sony in the ADAMS/Kittle deal.

ya i tried but he countered with sony

I bet if you walk away unless he accepts Chubb, draw a tight line, he accepts. Send that trade to him.

My guess he is blinded by Ertz. You can make the Chubb deal happen but have to be stern.

hes not moving from the sony deal. I also just got an offer for sanders for ertz by itself?

Definite no for me on Sander. Would have to throw a RB2 in with him.

If you feel like you need to move Ertz, AJ straight up or the Adams/Kittle combo are best, I suppose. I never like to trade a RB1 away without getting at least an RB2 in return somehow is my hesitation on the latter.

i have enough RBs i think with kamara, chubb, aaron jones. i really need wrs. sanders and marvin jones for ertz and sony? if i counter with that

na thats a bad trade

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Man you can hardly ever have enough solid RB depth. They are skill players in the trenches, prone to injury. If you’re just trying to upgrade at WR, take the AJ deal and roll with EVANS without dropping Sony. He is so valuable.

Big question: Do you need what he’s offering?

If the answer isn’t a strong yes, I wouldn’t give up Ertz who is a solid piece of your fantasy production.

The only thing I would consider here, given your current line up of WRs, is to take the AJ Green trade because you wont give up your RB depth and you can afford to lose Ertz if you’re getting back production with Green.

the thing is I’m lacking badly in Wrs. They aren’t preforming. Only real piece of players that they want is sony maybe chubb and ertz