Urgent help! Got an offer for Chubb + amari cooper for keenan Allen

I got an offer for chubb and amari cooper for Keenan allen. If accepted ill get allen.

My team wrs are cooper, baldwin, john brown, ridley, taylor gabriel, sutton
my RBs are: chubb, kamara, sony michele, aaron jones and ito smith

should i take it or try and get someone else from his team as well?
his wr: AB, allen, shepard, Demariyus Thomas
his rbs: AP, Ingram, Carson, dough martin

Full PPR im 5-3 2nd in the division

I think it’s fair. You’re upgrading your WR and it’s going to be hard to get Chubb in the lineup with Sony is healthy and Jones is on such a huge rise right now.

Yea if you get Keenan Allen you do this no question your rbs are good enough without the lead rusher from the browns.

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I’d go for it in your position, I believe Keenan Allen will have a much better 2nd half.

That dough Martin tho.

I would take this trade. You can afford to lose chubb for a stud WR which you currently do not have one of. Your WR situation is pretty dire.

Thanks for the advice guys! i’ll take the trade, My wr core is def hurting right now