Urgent help needed: keeper trades

So I can keep three players this year in a 2 QB, half point league.

Options (round):
Kenyan Drake (15)
Dion Lewis (16)
Deshaun Watson (11)
Melvin Gordon (5)
Stefon Diggs (7)

So I have been offered a trade, getting a 6th round pick for Melvin Gordon and a 9th round pick. Should I do it? I figure if I have 4-5 good keepers, it makes sense to try to get some draft collateral for the two I don’t keep.

I could keep Drake, Lewis and Watson in that scenario for terrific values & come away with an extra 6th round pick. OR is Melvin in the 5th too valuable to deal?

I think it’s gotta Watson, Gordon, Diggs.

That trade doesn’t make sense, think we’re missing some context.

Either way, Melvin in the 5th is just too much to give away.

I agree with this…Watson Gordon diggs…don’t do the trade.

No love for the value of Kenyan Drake or Dion Lewis in the 15th round?

Definitely good. The others outweigh that though I think. Depending on where you pick is the combo of drake, watson, and gordon wouldn’t bad. Could hit on a WR or 2 early.

I actually don’t hate that.

Not compared the value of the other players.