Urgent help with RB trade needed

Hey Guys I am currently having issues with my RB’s and need to make a trade soon to try to salvage my season. I am looking to trade one of my TE and a WR to upgrade in the RB position but have no idea on a good trade deal.

My WR - Julio Jones, Pierre Garcon, Stefon Diggs, Bennie Fowler
My RB - Lamar Miller, Ty Montgomery, Javorius Allen, Matt Forte, Derrick Henry
My QB - Russel Wilson, Blake Bortles
TE- Jordan Reed, Even Engram

The teams i saw with the weakest TE have the following RB’s

Team 1 - Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Aaron Jones.
Team 2 - Todd Gurley, LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, Marlon Mack.

What would you guys suggest in this situation.

Who are your rbs ? most people will want to get an rb back if losing a good rb. Then package rb and te together to get the better rb


What Josh said

What’s the rest of you’re lineup? You can certainly sell high on Reed. And usually the idea is to offer some kind of RB back to the other owner.

I believe the chance to get McCoy for less than a premium price has past by at the moment since this last game where he just exploded. Same with Ingram, as he’ll see 20+ carries, and a few touches a game now. I would stay away from Peterson with Palmer gone, it’s going to be a struggle for that whole team.

Lamar Miller is a RB I like, I know is not on one of these teams, but he kind of flies under the radar as a great every week starter. He is a solid back who will get you 10-12 points every game, and it won’t take an arm and a leg to get him, just another idea.

What exactly to offer? Communicate with these owners, see what they are interested in doing. I’d try working out a deal with an RB and TE. I don’t think you have enough WR depth to trade one of them. And if you come to some kind of agreement, post it on this forum and get better advice from there.

I edited the rest of my team in

Ryan Delaney gave you some good suggestions - from my perspective I don’t think it’s realistic that someone will give up a RB for the TE position. Gurley is the best of the noted RB’s but you would have to deal Julio - maybe it’s time you deal away J Jones who hasn’t done much this year, he has the big name that might make it possible to get Gurley. Maybe float Diggs and J Reed for M Gordon or Ingram (it would have helped if Diggs had played this week). Putting myself in the position of a M Gordon or M Ingram owner, I am not sure I would give either player up. You could try to get a player with real upside - if so A Jones or M Mack wouldn’t cost you nearly as much as Gordon or Ingram. You are in a tough spot - good luck

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