URGENT: KEEPER - Mixon or Henry

Mixon in the 5th? - OR -
Henry in the 9th?

Probably Mixon, but wouldn’t be upset if I was you if you kept Henry

I think you gotta go Henry. They’re both going in the 3rd round, and getting Henry in the ninth gives you the option of picking up a QB or TE in the 5th without stressing about giving up a WR/RB pick

I’m keeping mixon over Henry assuming you can keep going forward as well.

Also, you shouldn’t be taking a QB or TE in the 5th anyways unless its Gronk/Kelce who shouldn’t fall that far.

in principle I agree with you, but if you’ve got a 9th round keeper for a 3rd round caliber player and you could have also given up a 5th round pick for a 3rd round player, I like to look at the 5th round as a “free pick” where you can improve at a position you’d normally wait on. each to his own, this is just how I like to approach keeper drafts. I also think you’d be crazy to pass on Ertz in the 5th, but that’s just me

Henry. the value is there, and i have them finishing similar in points.

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I don’t think Henry is a 3rd round caliber player.

What are you basing Henry being a 3rd round calibur player on? Why do you think they brought in Lewis? Cause they don’t see Henry as a 3 down back. His pass pro is pathetic which is one of the big reasons why Murray got so many snaps over him. He’s big, he’s strong, and hes fast sure. But his yards after contact is a joke (dude pretty much falls after initial contact, think Brandon jacobs) and he has no elusiveness and not much vision for that matter. I won’t be touching Henry in the 3rd. WOuldn’t be shocked if Lewis outproduces Henry this year. Pro tip, just cause ADP says someone is a 3rd rounder doesn’t mean you should actually draft them there. Do you’re own research.

You won’t get Ertz in the 5th in any draft that is remotely competitive. Ertz goes at the bottom of the 3rd / top of the 4th in pretty much every single draft I’ve done. That’s why I said you don’t take a TE in the 5th. Cause all the top guys will be gone so it’s stupid to reach on one.

I didn’t say I would take him in the third, I said he was a 3rd round pick because that’s where he is going. getting him in the ninth is a bargain compared to Mixon in the 5th. Pro tip: just because one player is better than another doesn’t mean taking him 4 rounds earlier is a better move

If you’re not willing to pick him in the 3rd, then who cares if that’s where others are picking him? You’re not getting any value. Just cause ADP says someone is going in the 3rd doesn’t mean he’s actually worth the 3rd. Therefore, you’re not actually getting the value as you have alluded to.

Yeah of course that is not the only thing being considered. But like I said, I don’t value Henry in the 3rd. I probably wouldn’t take him till the 5th or 6th. And Mixon I would be willing to take in the 3rd. So I’d rather take someone I’m willing to pick in the 3rd for a 5th vs taking someone I’m not willing to pick till 5th/6th for a 9th.

Like to have my own thoughts, not just rely on ADP.

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mixon has a much higher ceiling. Dont get me wrong, Henry is freak of nature. Mixon will be on championship rosters.