Urgent monday night play question!

GUYS, i need help.

I am in a half point PPR. I am currently up by 6 points. The guy im playing tonight has edelman, and james white…

I have Brady as my starting QB. I have darnold on my bench… Do I play brady in hopes he throws to ANY other targets besides those two above, or do I play darnold and hope for the lottery?

I actually think the jets might win this game…

Please advise!!

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you gotta play brady. gives you the best probability to win


Does it? with gordon out, I would assume most targets will go to edelman/white. Really if I play brady i’de be banking on him throwing to dorsett, or michel getting 30 carries.

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6 could be the difference needed alone to win you the week in the end. brady could conceivably throw a TD to edelman and white each and, depending upon his yardage, that could be enough to keep the lead for you. 12 points to the TD guys, 8 to Brady. Still a difference of 4. To me, it gives him the higher probability of winning. I don’t think it’s cut and dry, but it’s not very close to me.

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Well a further breakdown of points… receivers/rb’s 1 point per 10 yard. qb’s are 1 point per 25 yard.

agreed. it’s just a strategic concern to me. The yardage is another way to QUICKLY fill up that 6 point gap.

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Why? Is it a 4 point passing TD league?

Yes it is.

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Well thats a context you can use to help mold your decision.

I agree with @falcones404

And if you think the Jets will win, that means Brady will be active in a variety of ways. And even though there’s a slight points offset, if Tom Terrific is throwing dots around for TDs, I’d want to get some of that rather than having the full amount imposed on me. He probably won’t run for two TD. And I am intrigued by the Jets near future. But the Patriots will step on your throat as long as it’s strategically sound.

If they’re up, maybe it turns into ball control grinding out a close win for you.

If they’re down, maybe Tom throws it around the planet to everyone offsetting the TD points disparity in the effort.

I’m a former hater/new follwer-not-fan of the Jets. I think it’s going to be a good game.

You could look at it this way:
Whatever points the goat is going to get, he’s going to get them regardless of who you or your opponent start. Can you afford to miss those points.

@eric_may just out of curiosity, what’s a high score for a QB in that kind of format? 25-35?
Like, what did Aaron Rodgers get in your league yesterday? 42?

I would consider adequate at 19-25. High over 30. That’s my opinion of course.

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James White is avg around 10.2 fantasy points (with 5 games)
Edelman is avg around 13 (with 6 games)

So 23.2, you’re up 6. I guess statistically you’d need 17.2 points made up. All of their production isn’t specifically touchdowns. You get some of that ‘17.2’ chipped away from E&J’s yardage. And the rest from other resources. Provided one or both aren’t in some way limited consequently by gameplan

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Ya yardage concerns me 50 yards to Edelman closes the gap by 3 points. (I’m probably going to play Brady, but it’s tough.

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So far in 2019 the Patriots have allowed the following QB performances:

You do not want to play Darnold from a predictive perspective.

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Yeah, they’re tearin it up. He just has a conflict of interest.

He wants his player to succeed. But a significant portion of his players success is predicated on the success of his opponent. He generally needs those guys to do well for his guy to do well.

It’s hard to swallow that one but I’ve been there a thousand times.