Urgent request

I’ve managed to get Fournette for Lynch and he’s given me 1st waiver pick week 6, who should I go for?

Clement, Smallwood, Morris or someone else?

Is there a killer WR pick better?

Time sensitive so any help would be appreciated folks!

How is your rb stength? And do you have a greater need for wr depth vs rb depth?

What WRs of interest are on waiver?

I have Gordon, Collins, Thompson, Powell (not great) I know but at WR I have Hopkins, Golladay, Funchess, Enunwa, Dede

Not many - Kirk, Coutee, Taywan Taylor, it’s pretty bare - any recommendations to get?

Feels like you’re set at RB and WR. How does your TE look?

I have Kelce and Ebron, would like to add a RB with value or good suggestions for WR if you have any?

Morris seems like a logical volume choice with Breida struggling with injury. Ppr recommendation is probably Smallwood and upside may even go to him. Thompson is a better version of him though. This may make me sound crazy but I may even go for Chubb (assuming he is available). His second half of season upside is through the roof IMO.

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What is your view on Clement? Morris has the obvious upside but will they run the ball a lot?

Good point and they may work from behind a lot creating passing scenarios. The question with morris will be, will they throw to him? That QB checks down at historic rates.

Is Breida temporary or is Clement more permanent is the big question?

I’m not sure. Will seek the input of others there. From what I listened to tho, Breida’s Injuries had a bad look when they happened.

Go to today’s podcast at minute 37.