Urgent start/sit help needed!

Have a trade processing tomorrow. Gave up my James Conner, Robert Woods, Stefon diggs, and I’m receiving their Chris Carson and mike Evans.

I currently have Chris Godwin and dj chark in my WR1 and WR2 slots and Zeke in my RB1. Gallup in my flex

Obviously I’m gunna put Carson in my RB2 but do i play Evans and if so do I sit chark?

I questioned this same thing but IMO I don’t think you can bench Chark anymore. He’s just been too good. Same thing with Gallup but you may be able to swap gallup and Evans based on match up until Evans proves to be more consistent.

I’m so torn… like it’s tough playing both Godwin and Evans… you know one of them is gunna take from the other so obviously it’s better to get the better one… ideally I’ll use Evans as trade bait if he has a good game this week…

I could get even more wild depending on what time the trade processes and have to flex Melvin Gordon… haha

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