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URGENT- Start sit question


Start jack Doyle or devin finches please please please help!!! Lol


are playing them in your flex?


I assume you’re talking about flex, but doyle seems to definitely be the better option


Who are you playing at your TE position


Sorry no TE position. It’s a flex. So I would have to drop funchess n pick up Doyle I wanna pull the trigger on this today so I don’t miss out on a potential better play. I have Michael Thomas, crabtree n diggs at my WRs starting


Oh n it’s half point ppr


oh ok yeah Doyle is the better option


Doyle has been getting crazy targeting and I dont think thatll change while brissett is there


Mahalo :grin::call_me_hand:t3:


Doyle sir (:slight_smile:


Thanx :grimacing: I appreciate the feed back