Urgent Trade advice! Full PPR

Would you trade Jacobs and Thielen for Hopkins and Duke?

My RBs are Kamara, Montgomery, Breida, Jackson, Jacobs, Darwin

My WRs are Allen, Thielen, Samuels, Allison and Kirk

I might trade Jacobs and thielien for Hopkins alone. Take a that deal. You are getting the best WR in the league for an unproven rookie and a regression candidate.


Fair, I’ll be as aggressive as I can be. If I can keep my roster largely intact and get Hopkins in full PPR I’ll be pleased

I think I’d take that man. Duke is certainly going to have a role, and your other backup’s are sufficient enough to cover what is strictly “potential” at this point for Jacobs

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Yeah for sure I would do that trade. I actually think it’s a little lopsided in your favor.

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Working on it, thanks for the input guys. He’s a big Vikes fan so has Thielen highly valued, I’ll see what can be done

Would def make that trade. Jacobs can definitely be a good RB this season, but you’re getting a sure fire top 3 WR (barring injuries).

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