URGENT Trade advice! - Gronk/OBJ/Keenan

Standard scoring - just got these two offers from two separate owners:

  1. I give Gronk/Allison for OBJ/Cohen
  2. I give Gronk/Coleman for Allen/Aaron Jones

My team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Coleman
WRs - Green, Landry, Davis, Baldwin, Keke, Allison(dropping for OJ Howard)
TE - Gronk
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

TE waiver options to replace Gronk - OJ Howard, McDonald, Doyle when back. Do i accept and hope OBJ turns into a beast ROS? Or is Allen the better play with a better QB and better attitude and situation?

@MikeMeUpp you’re always good for a take - any views here? I know you are an OBJ guy but any concerns with the ongoing Giants issues and should i take consistency with Allen and potentially a better player in Jones than Cohen as the second piece here?

guys any takes at all, don’t want to lose these two offers - could be league winning/losing potential here

Is it possible to do Gronk/coleman for OBJ/Jones?

No sorry should have said it’s two separate owners offering these trades. I would prefer Jones back as the second piece but am i getting dazzled by the OBJ potential over the 2 sensible players in Allen and Jones

Which one helps my roster more is what i’m struggling with - i don’t have a guy that can go for a monster week like OBJ can but equally if Allen steps back into last season Allen form i will be so consistent that i wouldn’t need that big week based on everyone else on my team and the weekly totals i can produce?

I also wouldn’t need to deal with any drama from OBJ which could well happen if things carry on with the Giants the way they have been… i’m so torn here

Yea that is for sure a difficult choice. With it being a standard league i lean the way of OBJ over allen. But I like Jones more ROS than Cohen in standard. With both of those backs it is really just a hope for injury to get a good starting back out of either one. They will mostly be a bye week fill in for you. So with saying that i think I would have to go with the better receiver out of the deal. OBJ I believe will end up top ten even with how the giants are playing right now. It is a very hard choice and i think you would be fine taking either option. Good luck.

Thanks for the insight i’ll mull them over for a bit… tough for sure. Final points if this makes any difference the Allen/Jones owner wont be a contender at all this year and I’ve beaten him already but the OBJ owner will be in the mix and probably a playoff team but only has Evans and Barkley to lean on if i did this. I also like that Keenan has double the targets that any other Chargers WR does but Shepard is closer to OBJ then you’d like…

Would it ne smart to take load up my own talent from the weaker team or take the contenders second best player but if Gronk somehow catches fire from now till the end and OBJ stays as he is it could come back to hurt me - or is this too much thought and just take the best player available lol?!

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The Allen owner also needs a TE and is way ahead of me in the waiver priority and could beat me to Howard if i don’t trade Gronk to him would that matter at all?

It would seem you would be more comfortable with the Allen side so i would just go that route if i were you. Also the other reasons you mentioned does help. All you can do is hope you get whatever TE you want off the waivers.

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I think overall i am - and not being a homer lol! It will take a lot of critisium to pass on OBJ but this is a team that gave up on each other and their coach last year and at 1-5 a couple more losses in a row likely nothing to stop them doing it again…

Bumping for more views as there’s more activity now - any insight welcome!

They’re both pretty fair trades tbh. I love gronk but i love OBJ and Allen more.

I don’t really know what to make of Cohen though. Not sure if this is representative of whats to come or if its just him bursting for a couple games. Hard to judge that offense right now.

I still prefer OBJ to Allen despite the giant’s struggles but it’s close.

Honestly, it just comes down to who you prefer personally. Both trades are pretty even. If you could somehow work in KeKe instead of Allison, I would rather do that.

Yeah my view too, both even both decent options. I personally feel happier with Allen because there’s no off field drama that can impact play but the redzone use for OBJ and sheer volume is in OBJs favour right now at least and does offer that ceiling…

Any concerns about having two RB/WR stacks if I did the Allen deal giving me Mixon/Green and Gordon/Allen? They’re both on a similar pace so I’m looking tactically at who gets what the Allen owner will finish bottom 4 Allen is his last player of note and already beat him so I won’t see Gronk again but the OBJ owner could be up there and has Barkley/Evans/Engram/Ryan so taking a better weapon away in OBJ or would I make a monster giving him Gronk - if you see what I mean?

I’m sure OBJ will boom vs the Falcons but there’s a chance he doesn’t and his value will plummet after that and I’d have that dud risk but I feel Allen will offer a better floor season long? But he will need yards to get it done right now…

Oh having 2 stacks isn’t that great. I use stacks as a tie breaker specifically for these types of situations where it’s really close. So I would prefer OBJ.

I think Allen and OBJ have pretty similar floors. OBJ is finishing ahead of Allen right now and has just as high of a ceiling. They’re both getting the volume to have good floors. And yeah I guess its possible OBJ doesn’t boom against falcons, Evans just laid a dud but I’d say OBJ is a far better receiver.

In terms of being scared of making him a monster, I really don’t worry about that in trades. I just try and better my own team. Any given sunday, any team can win or lose. Doesn’t matter how stacked they look. I just want to make it to the playoffs. Also, it’s not like you’re giving him a gurley/kamara or gurley/barkley stack. I think those are the only instances that give me pause where I am giving one player 2 of the top 3-4 workhorse RBs. That’s an advantage thats very hard to overcome. But in this case, you’re giving him a really good TE sure, but you’re taking away his top WR.

That’s fair and yeah I don’t normally consider who’s getting what unless like you say it’s a ludicrous stack like you mentioned.

I was concerned about the double stack as it does mean that I’d have two sets of players eating into each other’s production. Last thought on OBJ I know it’s was off but as we’re talking playoffs any chance that he’ll tail off and Allen picks up as the Chargers should be chasing a post season place and the Giants will likely be in the mix for a top 8 draft pick…or just deal with that down the line if it looks an issue?

Appreciate the thoughts

Needless to say this was made easier with the Coleman news… think I’ll hang on to him lol!