Urgent trade advice

2qb,2te 1/2ppr league. I have smith,Fitzpatrick and both Vikings qbs. Brate&clay as TEs.Should I trade clay and Mixon or Martin to get rivers and tyreke hill or should I ask for rivers and D. Henry? Or am I good at qb & ask for hill&henry?

If you can get Hill/Henry for Clay/Mixon, then I think it’s definitely worth it. Phillip Rivers is an average QB so I think that including him is totally up to you. Henry is iffy in my opinion but I think if you’re thin at RB, then Henry is a fine stash in case Murray goes down.

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I’ve got Henry and I start him in my flex. I’m not a big Martin fan he burned me last year but I’m a mixon believe and even tho his team is struggling I don’t think there offense is as bad as the bucs so I’d try Martin first

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Doug Martin still has the speed he’s just indecisive right now on his cuts. Half of it is also very poor oline play. I wish they had a bye week to figure it out, but they got screwed by hurricanes. Check out this link for some analysis on the situation:


For the 7th round pick I took Martin, I’m personally willing to hold him to hope they can right the ship. He’s a borderline RB1/2 mix when their team can figure it out.

Past four weeks for Devonta Freeman in 1/2 pt PPR - 24 points. Doug Martin has 32 in that span. Food for thought.

Yea I don’t hate Martin he’s just one of those boom or bust guys. I’m torn because it’s ppr and I think mixon has a slight advantage with the pass catching. I think either way you should be fine

What’s your point guys. The question is,Should I trade for rivers and hill, rivers and Henry, or hill and Henry? That’s the question. I’m giving up whoever the guy takes From me. Clay and his choice of mixon or Martin.

Thanks for the input, now that’s a reasonable answer. I’m not light on rbs, but they have shitty schedules for playoffs. But hill and rivers could give me those double up points in the pkayoffs. Since I have Alex smith and Keenan Allen.

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So then I guess it comes down to, would you rather Keenum/bridgewater or Rivers as your QB?

Well if I had to choose, I would probably choose Rivers. Here’s my thinking so that you can make an informed decision:

  • His floor is much higher. He’s consistently fine, which is what you want next to Alex Smith.
  • His playoff schedule is slightly better.
  • You open up a roster spot (after you trade/drop the Viking boys) for another flex position player

With that being said, I wouldn’t pay a lot for him… I would only prefer him if you can get the other person to throw Rivers in for next to nothing.

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Well that’s the deal. It’ll be clay and Mixon/Martin for rivers and hill/Henry. He really wants clay.

Does that mean “Rivers and Hill or Henry” or “Rivers and Hill and Henry”? Just to make sure I’m understanding correctly. If you can get Tyreek Hill, then I say it’s 100% worth it. You’re getting a top tier WR for a decent TE. If it’s Rivers and Henry then I’d be less excited about it.

It’s 2 for 2. River and hill or Henry

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Got ya. Definitely go for Hill, that’s worth it.

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Thanks I really appreciate the info. That’s the way I was thinking but being playoffs are around the corner I wanted to get some other opinions. So you’re saying clay and Mixon for rivers and hill?

Yea clay and mixon for rivers and hill isn’t bad at all. I was just saying whether it was Martin or mixon it’s still a good trade I just like mixon a little bit more

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What if he changes his mind. You’d rather clay for hill or rivers? Comes down to what qb you like better, keenum/bridgewater or Rivers?

If he’s willing to give up Tyreek Hill (and Rivers or Henry) for Charles Clay (and Mixon or Martin), he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. I’d try to get Hill for sure. And probably Rivers (I don’t like the DeMarco Murray/Derrick Henry timeshare, although Henry has a nice playoff schedule). I’d give away Martin, I think the situation in TB is a dumpster fire.

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I like rivers over most quarterbacks he has more weapons imo than keenum/ bridgewater and right now we don’t know how good bridgewater will be but we do know that rivers is good and that defense is solid

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