Urgent trade help Bell for Chubb

I just got offered Bell and Edelman for Chubb and Hopkins, should I take it? I’m playing against the guy this week so I’d probably win since he can’t use Chubb if I send him in the trade but what should I do? His other WR is M.Thomas also he has the pats defense, James White, and Aaron Jones who id maybe trade for

My RBs are Chubb Fournette David Johnson Hunt Jamaal Williams and Edmonds
WRs Hopkins Alshon Robbie McLaurin
TEs Andrews and Hunter Henry

Who are his TEs? I’d see if maybe you could secure solid deal with one of your TEs. I also have Henry and I just traded Andrews in a package to get OBJ and Kerryon.

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He has Waller but idk if he’s interested in either of my TEs but I might be able to get Conner for Andrews and another player @jaguileraroh

But I might offer
Chubb Fournette and Hopkins for
Bell Aaron Jones and Michael Thomas

That’s not a bad trade. Aaron Jones’s usage worries me sometimes though and Thomas has Bridgewater throwing to him. That’s the only issue I see there. I like Bell over Chubb but I like Fournette and Hopkins over Jones and Thomas.

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What about just Bell and Edelman for Hopkins and Chubb? @jaguileraroh

No. Seems like an over pay. Chubb is technically more than Bell and Hopkins is definitely better than Edelman

To much for that second trade with Chubb, Fournette and hopkins