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Urgent trade help


Hey all,

Should I do this trade?

Give: Gurly, Larry Fitz and Clay

Get: Gronk, McCoy and Parker

My team is

Dak, AB, Hogan, Lamar, demarco, Pryor, Marty brynt, Seattle, Philly, luck, d Henry, and j Elliot.

Very competitive, 8 man standard.


No way, can’t trade Gurley. Only way I trade him is for Lev Bell


No I would not. Murray is not producing and this would leave you with Lamar & McCoy versus Gurley & Lamar. Honestly, Gurley is a much better play IMO. If you can find value, for example, in my experience I traded Gurley for Fornette and Hopkins last week, that would be great. But not in this situation, the other owner would definitely benefit.


No, that’s not nearly enough value for Gurley. Clay > Gronk because Gronk is always injured. Parker < Fitz by a hair for me but its close.